Additional Services

Additional Services

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Additional programs and services offered through the EOC of Suffolk

Child Protective Services: 1-800-342-3720

Suffolk County Department of Social Services Child Protective Services Bureau investigates reports of alleged child abuse and/or maltreatment made to the New York State Central Register at the toll free hotline number listed above. In all cases, calls will remain confidential. The Bureau provides, and coordinates the provision of, child protective and rehabilitative services to the child and the family.

Adult Protective Services: 631-854-3195, 3196, 3197

Provides services for persons over 18 who are physically or mentally impaired and who are in a situation where they are harmed or threatened with harm by the actions of themselves or others. Potential clients have unmet needs for such essential items as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care and have no one able or willing to help. Adults in need of protective services may include the frail elderly, the mentally disabled, the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled, the seriously ill, the physically disabled, and alcohol and substance abusers. Any concerned person or Agency may make an anonymous and confidential call.

Child Preventive Services: 631-854-9359

Provides counseling services to assist families in staying together when a child is at risk of entering foster care and/or to hasten the return home of children in foster care. May include referrals for supportive services, such as Day Care (Income guidelines may apply).

Safe Haven Program: Hotline 1-866-852-2229

In order to develop an alternative to mothers abandoning their newborn babies without ensuring their safety, New York State Law now allows for women with newborn babies to give them up within five days of birth with complete confidentiality and without having to identify themselves. In Suffolk we have taken the initiative to designate most hospitals in the county as “Safe Havens” to receive these newborns. Callers can remain anonymous, are invited to provide medical information about the infant (although it is not required), and, if the baby has not been harmed or neglected, the mother is safe from criminal prosecution.

Foster Care Services: 631-854-9359

Place children who are in the custody of the Commissioner of Social Services (either through voluntary surrender or court order) in family foster homes, group homes, or licensed child care institutions. Room and board, clothing, medical care, and other special needs are supplied by this service.

Adoption Services: 631-853-KIDS (If wishing to adopt)

Arranges for placement of children who are legally free for adoption, and are in the guardianship of the Commissioner of Social Services, in appropriate adoptive homes. Supervises the placement until the legalization of the adoption by the court.

Resource Development: 631-854-9460 or 853-KIDS

Recruits and develops foster home resources. Receives applications from potential foster parents, handles required clearances through the State Central Register and Division of Criminal Justice Services, conducts home studies, makes recommendations on appropriateness of applicants for the foster care program, and provides intensive training of foster parents. All placement of children in foster care are facilitated by the Placement Desk Worker assigned to Resource Development

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