Services for People With Developmental Disabilities

Services for People With Developmental Disabilities

Comprehensive Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

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A comprehensive array of services is available for people with developmental disabilities aimed at enhancing their quality of life. EOC of Suffolk, Inc.’s staff will customize a program to help maximize each person’s ability to live with independence and self-sufficiency. Personalized case management helps to ensure that individuals receive the government entitlements and benefits to which they are eligible.

Respite Services
Respite Services provide temporary relief from the demands of caregiving, helping to reduce overall family stress. The program enables families to provide uninterrupted care for their loved one with a developmental disability.

Respite/Recreation services provide educational, occupational, and recreational activities as well as opportunities to increase socialization skills. Services take place on-site as well as on field trips to help enrich the learning process.

Community Habilitation Services
This program provides individuals with support and services that focus on developing life skills and community integration.

Individual Support Services
For higher functioning individuals who require minimal support, this program provides monthly subsidies to help them live a more independent life in the community.

Group Day Habilitation Services
Having a developmental disability doesn’t preclude one from becoming an involved, contributing member of the community-at-large. Group Day Habilitation Services help individuals acquire new and valuable skills through volunteerism, education, as well as social and recreational activities.

Self-Directed and Fiscal Intermediary Services
Self-Directed (SD) services allow individuals to exercise the maximum amount of control over how they receive supports and services through options they initiate. It promotes personal choice over the delivery of waiver and state plan services, including the choice of providers, the choice of services, whether a waiver is requested, as well as a voice in how the services are provided. Working with employers and funding agencies, people with developmental disabilities can engage as full citizens in communities of their choosing. This means that self-directed Medicaid services participants, or their representatives if applicable, have decision-making authority over certain services and take direct responsibility to manage their services with the assistance of a system of available supports.

Fiscal Intermediary, or FI, is for individuals who have chosen self-direction, and provides administrative and billing support.

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Direct Support Professional (DPS)– Community Habilitation

Direct Support Professional (DPS) – Respite

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