Youth & Adolescent Services

Youth & Adolescent Services

Assists Youth and Young Parents To Become Healthy, Self-Sufficient & Successful Adults

Youth and Adolescent Services

Youth and Adolescent Services promote leadership, adolescent sexual health, pregnancy prevention, and assists youth and young parents to become healthy, self-sufficient, successful adults. It’s achieved by developing, strengthening, and advancing clinically-proven policies and programs based on industry best practices. EOC of Suffolk, Inc. offers a wide range of youth development, professional, and community education services focused on adolescent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases. Adolescent sexual health education services are provided at the request of school districts, community-based agencies, religious institutions, and civic organizations. Services include:

  • Promoting and nurturing youth leadership
  • Educating youth on topics such as healthy relationships, communication, anger management, conflict negotiation skill building, and dating through various evidence-based interventions
  • Helping youth deal with societal pressures surrounding sexuality
  • Helping parenting adolescents towards self-sufficiency and responsible behavior
  • Professional education programs on “hot topics” concerning today’s youth
  • Workshops to help parents and caregivers become the primary educators for their children
  • Advocating for confidential medical care and counseling for sexually active youth
  • Special events throughout the year for youth, their parents, and for professional staff

Parenting Program

With a focus on early childhood development, empathy, early literacy, and proactive – rather than reactive – parenting techniques, this program is available in a group setting, as well as limited case management services for pregnant or parenting adolescents.

Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP)

The CAPP program helps to decrease adolescent pregnancy through a comprehensive approach to reducing the risk of initial and repeat pregnancies, reducing STDs and HIV/AIDS rates among adolescents, and promoting healthy sexual behaviors. The initiative – which receives funding from the New York State Department of Health – addresses the underlying issues associated with adolescent parenting as well as race, ethnic, and geographical disparities related to adolescent sexual health outcomes. CAPP encourages alternatives to sexual activity by promoting an optimal transition into healthy young adulthood with after-school programs, evidence-based interventions, and community service learning.

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William Floyd School District Advantage After-School Program

Funded through the State Office of Children and Family Services, EOC of Suffolk, Inc.’s innovative and highly-successful Advantage After-School Program serves nearly 400 middle school students each day. The program provides a safe environment for academic assistance in core subject areas in addition to skill-building activities that combine vocational and educational growth in a recreational framework. Topics include cooking, dancing, robotics, audio/visual production, nutrition, wellness, community service, and video game design.

Teen Parent Conference

Teen Parent Conference 2018
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"How to Talk to Me, Your Teen, About Sex"
(Part One)

"How to Talk to Me, Your Teen, About Sex"
(Part Two)

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