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Welcome To The Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk, Inc.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote a goal of self-sufficiency by broadening the minds of children, revitalizing communities, and assisting families and children in need through the provision of services and to coordinate available federal, state, local and private resources.

In Memory of William Corey Huston

A short eulogy for a dear friend

He was the kind of man that when you knew he was coming you waited with anticipation. When he entered he bent down, he had to. The big man that he was. He whispered a lot so as not to over power. His voice was often soft. Very becoming for such a big man.

Because he was able to exert such control over his movements for such a big man, it enabled him to convey more heartfelt concern then most… and you knew he meant it.

When he was reacting to something you said; it was clear it was with fore thought and crafted so as not to offend - but to make a point.

One always got the feeling that his charity never let the left pocket know what the right pocket was doing.

When he complemented you, you were complemented indeed and you knew it wasn’t flattery.

I bonded to him immediately as he did to me. I know this because he told me so. He often told me what a great guy I was. Why - I really don’t know. I don’t know why I bonded so quickly to him.  But then, I don’t know why I bonded so quickly to the setting of the sun either.

You loved to see him come and you hated to see him leave.

There was this time together when this old man was telling the young man that he had a greater potential.  That he could do greater things.  Go on I said get an MBA. And now I wonder. Should I have told the lilies of the field that they weren’t beautiful enough?  If I sprinkled gold dust on them would I have made them more beautiful?

This man was beautiful-- as god made him.

And untouched … a man of great humility.  We who knew him are the more fortunate and the worse for having lost him. But fear not, nothing is forever.  In a short time we shall all laugh again, meet again in god’s good time!  And until we meet again…………

Keep the candle burning! Dear Cory.

EOC News

Exam Fee Waiver Available for
Suffolk County Police
Correction Officer Tests

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Carl Heastie Photo

Speaker Heastie Continues
Statewide Tour in Long Island
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Amazon Smile Program

Your Amazon Purchases Can Help Raise Money for EOC of Suffolk, Inc.

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The EOC of Suffolk, Inc. proudly receives a grant from Bank of America.The Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk, Inc. proudly received a $200,000 grant from Bank of America as part of its Neighborhood Builders® grant program.

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Pictured from left: Songhi Davis, C.F.O., EOC of Suffolk, Inc.; Adrian Fassett, C.E.O., EOC of Suffolk, Inc.;Robert Isaksen, Long Island Market President, Bank of America; Sondra Palmer Randall, Board Chair, EOC of Suffolk, Inc., and Charles Fox Jr., Senior Coordinator for Community Services at the EOC of Suffolk, Inc.

Congratulations to Magali Román, Program Coordinator of the Community Based Initiative at EOC of Suffolk, for being recently honored by both the Long Island Women's Conference and by Pronto Long Island. Enlarge photo.

2018 Dellacave Award Winners

Central Islip High School senior Alexandrea Harriott and Ward Melville High School senior Zach Hobbes were recently honored with the Butch Dellecave Award

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at a ceremony held on June 10, 2018 at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook. Named in memory of the legendary educator, official, and coach Gaetano “Butch” Dellecave, the award is the product of a highly successful 18-year partnership between local school districts in Suffolk County and the award organizers: the Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk, the Butch Dellecave Foundation, and Newsday. Pictured: Dellecave Award winners Alexandrea Harriott and Zach Hobbes with, from left, Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk C.E.O. Adrian Fassett, and Dellecave Foundation Co-Directors Guy Dellecave and Mark Dellecave. Download the Newsday story View Event Photos

The 2017 Annual Report front cover photo

The EOC of Suffolk's
2017 Annual Report

Download a copy.

An Assessment of Community Needs in Suffolk County, NY - 2017

An Assessment of Community Needs
in Suffolk County, NY - 2017

Download a copy.

The EOC of Suffolk, Inc. attended an affair hosted by The Collision Center

On March 6, 2018, The Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk, Inc. attended an affair hosted by The Collision Centers in association with Driving 4 Changes Foundation. Download a pdf of the certificates presented.

Community Action Resources

The National Community Action Foundation seeks to ensure the federal government honorsThe National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP)New York State Community Action AssociationCommunity Action Program Legal ServicesNational Community Action Partnership

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